1974年家庭权利和隐私法案, 修订的, (commonly known as the Buckley Amendment) is a federal law which provides that colleges and universities will maintain the confidentiality of student education records. The law basically says that no one outside the institution shall have access to students' education records nor will the institution disclose any information from those records without the written consent of students. 也有例外, 当然, 这样机构内的某些人员就可以看到这些记录, 包括处于紧急情况下的人员,以保护学生或其他人的健康或安全.





  • 的名字
  • 家庭/本地地址
  • 家庭/本地电话号码
  • 电子邮件登录
  • 图片或摄影表现


  • 学术专业及/或辅修专业
  • 分类
  • 注册状态
  • 出席日期
  • 获得的学位、证书或奖项
  • 以前就读院校
  • 运动队成员体重/身高
  • 参加官方认可的活动和体育项目

以上目录资料将供公众查阅. 然而, the Act 状态s that each student has the right to inform Centenary College that any or all of the information is not to be released. Centenary College will honor the student's request to restrict the release of "Directory Information" as 状态d previously. 棋牌游戏平台书院的学生可保留披露其中一项或两项资料. 在每个注册期提供保留A类信息的机会. 为了向B类人隐瞒信息, a student must notify the 注册商's Office in writing prior to the end of the second day of classes each enrollment period. Status of disclosure at the last enrollment period is binding and all records should be noted: "Restricted Information, FERPA”. 没有学生的书面同意,任何信息都不能发布. Release of information contained on a student's education record without the written consent of the person(s) identified on the document(s) is a violation of Sec. 438公法90-247 (FERPA).

本手册或ACT中包含的术语定义,如教育记录, 合法教育权益, 指定学校官员, 如有需要,可向注册处处长索取.


是什么 . . .?


在高等教育水平, 家长没有查看学生教育记录的固有权利. 检查的权利仅限于学生.

Centenary students may designate each semester during the registration period whether they permit disclosure of their grades to their parents. Records may be released to parents only under the following circumstances: (1) through the written consent of the student, (二)服从传唤, or (3) by producing a copy of the most recent Federal Income Tax form showing that the student was claimed as a dependent.* An institution is not required to disclose information from a student's education records to the parents of a dependent student. 但是,它可以行使其自由裁量权这样做. *Contact the 注册商's Office before releasing information on a dependent student to see if a student has signed a nondisclosure form at registration.


公开公布成绩,可以是学生的名字, 院校学生身份证号码, 没有学生的书面许可,或安全号码是违反FERPA. 即使名字模糊不清, 学生编号被视为个人身份信息. 因此, 根据社会保险号或学生身份证号码张贴成绩的做法违反了FERPA. 论文通过一个“开放”的分发系统,例如.g. 把它们堆在一张开放的桌子上, 侵犯了学生的隐私权吗, 除非学生为此目的向教师提交一份签署的弃权书. 讲师必须将弃权书存档,以避免机构或个人责任.


作为棋牌游戏平台书院的雇员,你可以查阅学生教育记录. 它们的保密、使用和发布由FERPA管理. Your utilization of this information is governed by the regulations and the duties and responsibilities of your employment and position.

Your job places you in a position of trust and you are an integral part in ensuring that student information is handled properly. 学生 have the right to expect that their education records are being treated with the care and respect that you would want for your own records.

一般来说,所有学生的信息都必须保密. 即使是公共信息或“目录信息”也会受到个别限制. 除非你的工作涉及到信息的发布,而且你在这方面受过培训, 任何披露资料的要求, 尤其是在学院之外, 应向注册主任办公室办理. Release of information contained on a student's record without the written consent of the person identified on the document is in violation of Sec. 438公法90-247. 作为大学雇员, all of you should have your own accounts and passwords on the administrative computer system and on e-mail. 您将对您的个人账户负责,并对任何不当使用承担责任. 保护您的登录密码和程序对于安全性至关重要. 你的密码是你帐户的唯一保护, 而电脑系统能验证你的身份的唯一方法. 请选择一个好的密码并加以保护.


安全 and confidentiality are matters of concern to all offices and all persons who have access to office facilities. 教务处是学生学术记录的官方资料库, 百周年书院的文件夹及其他档案. Other education records are stored in both hard copy and electronic form in offices throughout the campus. Many offices are able to extend job opportunities and work experience to supplement students' finances and education. 这样做, the student employee is placed in a unique position of trust since a major responsibility of offices is the security and confidentiality of student records and files. Since conduct either on or off the job could affect or threaten security and confidentiality of this information, each student employee is expected to adhere to the following: (1) No one may make or permit unauthorized use of any information in files maintained, 由他们受雇的办公室储存或处理, (2) No one is permitted to seek personal benefit or to allow others to benefit personally by the knowledge of any confidential information which has come to them by virtue of their work assignments, (3) No one is to exhibit or divulge the contents of any record or report to any person except in the conduct of their work assignments and in accordance with College policies and procedures, (4)任何人不得故意包括或致使包括任何虚假记录或报告, 误导性的条目. 任何人不得在知情的情况下删除或导致删除任何记录或报告中的数据项, (5)无官方记录或报告, 或副本, 除为执行职务的情况外,可从其所在的办公室调离, 没有人可以帮忙, 教唆, 或与他人合谋违反本守则的任何部分, (7)任何对违规行为的了解必须立即报告给该人的主管.


学生 serving in an official capacity on College committees have been designated as school officials and must adhere to the same policies of confidentiality and security as all school officials and employees.


总之,记住 . . .

  • 在发放学历记录时,需要检查个人的照片身份证明. Always check to see if the student permitted disclosure of information before you release any information on the student.
  • Discussing a student's record with any person who does not have a 合法教育权益 is a violation of FERPA. 这适用于工作中和工作之外的对话.
  • 出于非商业目的从办公室移除任何文件都违反了FERPA.
  • 向其他学生发布机密的学生信息(非目录), 学院组织, 或任何没有合法教育兴趣的人, or to the parents of a dependent student without the student's written authorization is in violation of FERPA.
  • Leaving reports or computer screens containing confidential information in view of others who do not have a legitimate educational interest in the data or leaving your computer unattended is in violation of FERPA.
  • 个人使用学生信息是违反FERPA的.
  • 允许其他人使用您的计算机访问代码违反了FERPA.
  • 把写有学生信息的文件扔进垃圾桶.e.(如社会保险号或年级)也违反了FERPA.
  • 除了个人诉讼的可能性, 被证实违反FERPA的行为可能会导致棋牌游戏平台学院失去联邦资金.
  • 违反保密和安全可能导致适当的人员行动.


非歧视性政策通知 The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, 比赛, color, 宗教, 年龄, 残疾, 性取向, 民族或民族出身, 或者其他联邦政府禁止的, 状态, 或者当地法律.